WowWee RoboQuad Robot Neither Fish Nor Fowl (Video)


Shiny Media posted a video clip (see below) featuring the new RoboQuad robot from WowWee, and even had Mark Tilden explaining, or trying to explain, why the robot is so impressive or innovative. Unfortunately, after watching the video quite a few times, we still can't figure out it's appeal. It's not a robot fish, or bird, or monkey, or rock star legend, or even a spider robot.

It's certainly true, as Tilden points out, that it can walk sideways, and we'll take his word for the fact that it can walk on any surface - unlike most of the other WowWee robots. And it does come in a wide range of color selections - either black or white. Take a look at the video interview, and let us know what you think, and if you would pull out your plastic and buy one.

We plan on watching the video quite a few more times - in part because we really want to figure out the RoboQuad, but honestly it has nothing to do with the robot - we've got a crush on Shiny Media's Susi Weaser. !8-D 

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6 thoughts on “WowWee RoboQuad Robot Neither Fish Nor Fowl (Video)

  1. I don’t know, I actually think it’s one of the neatest bots to come from Wowee. Certainly better than that Robopet, which has to be the ugliest engineering I’ve ever seen. :) I notice that the head has two DOF, and he points out that it’s trainable and hackable — even including a USB port. All in all, pretty neat.

  2. Actually, I’d rather pay for this one as opposed to most of the other Wowwee bots just because it is so different. I don’t care if it doesn’t look like a natural creature, I just want something that looks cool (before and after it gets taken apart). Although to be fair, I am digging my Roboreptile that I got for Christmas.

  3. This has to be the most innovative, unusual bots to appear on the consumer market in a long time. And I am thrilled that it’s not a dog or a monkey or a fish as you say (haven’t we seen enough of those?) and that its unique and different. Personally of all the new bots I find this one the most appealing and wouldn’t hesitate to buy one.

  4. It’s neat but almost to be expected. Just as the BIObugs were mass-produced versions of two-motor UniBugs, this RoboQuad and the RoboBoa appear to be updated versions of classic Tilden robots. Respectively, I am thinking of VBug 1.5 “Walkman” and gPim 2.0 “SnakeBot”. It is innovative in the toy-space to be sure, but not all that new from the robotics-perspective.

  5. WEll, I would buy this one for sure, the speed personality make an ideal robot pet.
    Hackable ? i would like to see a interface board for direct control of the legs added to the range from wowwee so we can hack our own brains in to it really easyily.
    nice toy, better then the media or the spiderman v1 remake.
    maybe wow wee will make a come back…

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