The Million Yen Man


Over the weekend, Dr. GIY and his robot - Senpuu Maru - won the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix series with a total of 24 points. Second place went to King Kizer with 21 points, and third to Pento with 17 points. Points were awarded based on each robot's wins during the series which included five major events staged over the past two months. In addition to the usual trophy and official certificate, Dr. GIY won 1 million yen in cold, hard cash (approximately $8,700).

Then, he and some of the other competitors flew back from Fukuoka, where the the final event in the GP series was held, to Tokyo, caught a few hours sleep, recharged their robots batteries, and then participated in the 2nd Wonderful Robot Carnival competition on Sunday afternoon. After the event we all went to a local Japanese restaurant where Dr. GIY extremely graciously paid for around half the charge with part of the wad of fresh 10,000 yen bills in the photo above.


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