Takara Tomy Announces Under $300 Humanoid Robot Availability

According to a Robot Watch news story, Takara Tomy announced today that their Omnibot 2007 humanoid robot will hit store shelves this July priced at 31,290 yen. The company claims that the Omnibot will be the smallest bipedal robot in the world. Standing only 165 mm high, the new robot weighs 350 grams, yet has 17 degrees of freedom. The robot uses a special IR remote control.

A more advanced Omnibot model equipped with a head mounted camera will be introduced for sale in October for 41,790 yen. The camera can be rotated left and right by 60 degrees and the images transmitted to a PC or cell phone using the built-in wireless LAN connection.


4 thoughts on “Takara Tomy Announces Under $300 Humanoid Robot Availability

  1. Wow, a 17DOF humanoid for about $250 — that’s a really good deal. Robosapien V2 costs more than that, and has only 7 DOF, IIRC. I really like the camera head, too. My only reservation is that it’s so dang small — that makes it harder to hack than a larger bot. Still, for the price one really can’t complain!

  2. This sounds like a much better alternative to the Robosapien and other WW useless offerings.

  3. True Joe, it is small… but at least it will probably walk and not waddle and trip over all the time 😉

    Personally I prefer building my own things, it’s also cheaper and provides more satisfaction not to mention (but I will) you get to learn more.

  4. That is good to hear, the biggest offput to the humanoid “robo1″ style bot’s has been the cost…Cant wait to see these hit local shelves 😉

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