Santa Must Have Delivered A Lot Of Robots (Video)

Christmas has come and gone, but from the number of video clips showing up on popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video, Santa's sleigh must have been totally overloaded with the popular Roboreptile robots from WowWee. A quick search on YouTube turned up numerous videos including one that featured a baby teething on the robot, another one where it scares the heck out of a cat and dog, yet another with it trying to climb on top of a floor vacuum, and lots of others.

Our favorite video of the bunch (see below), at least so far, has the robot exploring an office area, attempting to mate with a door, getting its head stuck between a door and the door jam, and then attacking a computer like there's no tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Santa Must Have Delivered A Lot Of Robots (Video)

  1. Wow even though it doesn’t have the intelligence of pleo it seems as though it is developing new behaviours

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