Robosapien Gets A New Paint Job, And A New Brain (Video)


What do you do with a world famous toy that sold millions of units worldwide, but has lost its "WOW" impact and seems more than a little dated only a few years after its introduction? 

If you're Mark Tilden, and the toy happens to be the record setting original Robosapien, then you find a popular character to license like Spiderman, give the robot a new paint job, and reprogram its brain with a new set of moves and sounds. And, if the character you license has another major movie set to be released at the same time, so much the better.

Pretty cool. Combining two of our favorite characters into one! We suspect that the new "Spidersapien" will sell extremely well, perhaps even better than the more recent Robosapien versions.

Via Shiny Media


2 thoughts on “Robosapien Gets A New Paint Job, And A New Brain (Video)

  1. Yeah it’s real funny alright… a real joke infact on those that shell out money for Tlden’s physically challenged waddling expensive toys which, let’s face it are not doing anything positive to promote real robotics.

  2. Hmmm, i dont know, its got me wide eyed with wonder..or is that shock !!
    Im caught in two minds on this one.
    ok new sounds reprogrammed movement and new colors…
    its got to be aimed at kids more then hackers i think, Im wondering if it was marks idea ? im thinking not! most likly the suits in the ivory tower made the call on this one..Oh no my spidey sense is tingling again…quick wheres the bug spray!!
    i might get one if the price is right but then again the other robots coming out seem to have more bang for their buck…time will tell

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