Next KondoCup Robot Soccer Lineup Officially Published


If you think it's fun to watch two of the top ROBO-ONE robots face off against each other in the ring, just imagine how totally over the top it would be with six of them taking the soccer field to compete at the same time. We're about to find out. If you're going to be in Tokyo the second weekend of February you will definitely want to spend the afternoon at Robo Spot.

The official line-up for the 3rd Kondo Cup Robot Soccer competition has been posted, and it really looks sweet.

The KHR-Class has three teams entered, lead by the defending champions (Ishii, Azusa, and Otsuka). They've won the trophy twice in a row, and are now about to face some really serious competition. It turns out that some of the ROBO-ONE players have put together KHR based versions of their champion robots and want to gang up to grab the trophy.


Some names you might recognize include Yoshimura (R-Blue and designer of the KHR-1 & KHR-2HV), Morinaga (Metallic Fighter), and Dr. GIY (Yokozuna Great Shiranui and Senpuu Maru). It will be a great chance to see what performance the top builders can get out of the KHR-2HV.

The Open Class looks even more exciting. There are eight teams listed in the line-up, including more of the ROBO-ONE builders. There's even a "Mystery Team" whose players won't be disclosed until they take the field to compete.

Some interesting "wild cards" - Maru Family (King Kizer) has over a 90% win record in other robot competitions and always plays to win. Now they want to play robot soccer so bad that they're coming up all the way from Hikone, below Osaka, just to try and win the Kondo Cup championship.


At the same time, the Sugiura Family team named "Expresso Sugiura" seems so frustrated by their past performance and inability to win a game that they are redoubling their training efforts and are committed to not going home empty handed again.

The action is scheduled to kick off at 1:00 pm on Sunday, February 12th at the Robo Spot facility in the Akihabara district of Tokyo. If you can't attend in person, then watch for our reports and video clips here on Robots Dreams following the event.


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