More Robot Awareness in the Press

We've mentioned before how robots, and robot images, are popping up all over the place here in Japan. It's natural enough to run across robot reviews and stories in publications devoted to robotics like Robocon and Robot Life magazines. But recently more main stream publications like Dime, Goods Press, and others have started to feature robots as if they were common, everyday items like a car, cell phone, or mp3 player.

In almost every row in the magazine sections of local book stores you can find publications featuring robots in one way or another.

They might appear in a product advertisement, or in a review, or just as part of the background in a photo story about something else entirely.

One example that we ran across yesterday was an article covering the Kondo KHR robot series (KHR-1, KHR-2HV, KHR-1HV) in the Best Hit magazine published by Tokuma Shoten.


Normally the magazine focuses on the latest trends in consumer goods - cars, digital cameras, cell phones, and the like.



2 thoughts on “More Robot Awareness in the Press

  1. Wow, the body shells shown in that photo are very cool. I haven’t seen them before. Are those stock KHR shells now?

  2. Hi Joe,

    They do look pretty slick. Kondo introduced them a few months ago as an add-on option.

    When I posted a photo of the shells a while back an eagle-eyed reader noticed how the body portion looks a lot like the robot cat from an old cartoon series like “Tom & Jerry” and the head like a computer mouse. !:-D

    Ishii and Iwaki have written a new book on moding the KHR series that should be released next week. (link to It has lots of info on creating shells and other neat mods/hacks.

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