Mailman Brings A Very Pleasant Robot Surprise


Gogic Five and friend discovered an article with a very familiar robot in the Robot Magazine Spring issue!

And, as they flipped through the pages, they discovered even more . . . .

Since the Spring issue doesn't go on sale until January 30th, we weren't expecting to see a copy here in Japan for a while. But when we returned home from our regular Sunday shopping and opened the mail box, there it was.

It took all the will power we could muster to resist tearing open the package and reading it immediately. As it worked out, we put the groceries away pretty quickly, grabbed a Diet Pepsi out of the refrigerator, and settled down in our favorite chair with the magazine.


The Spring Issue didn't disappoint us one bit. It has lots of interesting articles, great photos, and plenty of url's for us to poke into our browser and explore. Of course, the first thing we did was to checkout some of our submissions.


Gogic Five article in the Leading Edge Robot News (LERN) section.


KONDO award from the Japanese government


Kyosho Athlete Humanoid Cup article featured on the Robot Magazine website.


2 thoughts on “Mailman Brings A Very Pleasant Robot Surprise

  1. I always appreciate your contributions to Robot magazine. You’re becoming our main connection to the Japanese robot scene in print as well as on the web! Please keep up the great work.

  2. I agree with Joe. Robot Magazine should make Robots-Dreams an official (and well compensated) extension of the magazine. You’re doing amazing work over there.

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