Keeping Things In Perspective

The new Robot Museum in Nagoya shares the facility with several other shops including the huge, well stocked, Robot Murai Department store that was so interesting that we lost track of time, and almost left with a completely empty wallet and lots of shopping bags full of robot stuff. And, although we didn't realize it until we took a close look at the photos later, we also had an encounter with a size-shifting Majingaa robot playfully working its magic in the store.

In the first photo we took Majingaa seems really bulked up, strong, and totally alert. Really impressive.


Then, magically, Majingaa shrinks, withdraws a bit, and ends up looking more like a junior high school freshman.


It's exactly the same robot in both photos. It was amazing how much of a difference a change in the camera angles can make - at least it was amazing to us.


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