HRP-2m Choromet Humanoid Robot Close-up (Video)

In the US, Jin Sato is probably most well known for his LEGO Mindstorms creations - especially MIBO, the Mindstorms version of AIBO. But here in Japan, Jin is one of the top ROBO-ONE competitors, an active robotics business developer, and a researcher at the AIST laboratories in Tsukuba - a real hot bed of advanced robot projects.

After last weekend's Wonderful Robot Carnival, Jin joined all the participants for dinner, and was coaxed into popping open his suitcase to show off his latest creation - the Linux based, HRP-2m Choromet humanoid robot (see photos and video below). 

The HRP-2m Choromet robot stands 37 cm tall and weighs 1.5 kg. Each leg uses six servos, while each arm uses four servos, giving a total of 20 degrees of freedom.

Sensor input is provided by a three axis accelerometer, two gyros, and two electrical force sensors. The robots operating system is ArtLinux while the PC based supporting applications use Linux (VineLinux 3.2). Communication is handled by 2 Ethernet channels with Bluetooth as an option. The listed price is 475,000 yen.

Here are some photos from the evening's private showing:


Everyone was totally fascinated by the robot design and performance, and literally couldn't keep their hands off it. 


The body shells/styling is based on the life size HRP-2 robot design.



Jin was kind enough to stage an impromptu demonstration for everyone. He showed off most of the robots capabilities, though walking on the uneven restaurant floor surface wasn't really too practical. The video clip below is very noisy due to the low light levels, but we hope you can at least get a good feel for what this new robot is capable of. Be sure to pay close attention around the 2:15 mark - you'll probably be just as surprised as the group of robot developers was that night.

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2 thoughts on “HRP-2m Choromet Humanoid Robot Close-up (Video)

  1. Wow. Thanks again, Lem — you’re single-handedly making the Japanese robotics scene available to the rest of the world. This sort of original footage is invaluable. Keep up the great work!

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