Building Gundam – Step by Step

Ever wonder what it would be like to build Gundam? The Maru Family got the chance to find out when their robot, King Kizer, won the ROBO-ONE 10 Championship last September. In addition to a substantial cash prize, a huge trophy, and lots of other honors and awards, they were given a limited edition RX-78-2 Gundam human sized model that was donated by Bandai, one of the founding members of the ROBO-ONE organization.

When we visited their home in late December, the Gundam robot kit had arrived, but they hadn't had the time to assemble it. Now they have finished the assembly, and documented the whole process with a great photo series.

Here's where things stood in December when they invited us over to chat about robotics:


The kit boxes waiting to be unpacked.


Nao Maru showing the size of one of Gundam's arm pieces.


Nao and his two sons start the unpacking.


This robot is almost as big as Nao.


Bandai designers included lots of neat features including flashing lights and some great sound effects with a remote control.


Even before they started assembling the kit in earnest, we all had a great time playing with some of the robots accessories.

We didn't have the time to stick around through the whole process, but you can still enjoy it because they were kind enough to post it all on their website: Complete kit assembly with step by step photos [via the Official King Kizer website]


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