A Little Robot Magic With Gogic Five

The New Years Holiday break has given us some time to experiment with our robot collection. Since the Gogic Five prototype is the most recent addition, we decided to devote a few hours to customizing it a bit to see if it could be used in a short video production we've been wanting to produce for quite a while.

Functionally, the Gogic Five is perfect for what we had it mind. It can walk, move it's arms, shift its upper body back and forth, and get up from both prone and supine positions. From an appearance perspective, it's an extremely cute robot, and would very little in the way of hacks to play the robot part in the video production. But, could we use it, or another one like it, to play other parts in our little mini-drama?

It turns out that the answer is a resounding yes, as you can see from the photos below.

Although the designers of the Gogic Five robot probably didn't have it in mind, it turns out that the robot is almost exactly the size of a human hand - at least our hand. So, when we happened to stroll through the toy section at our local department store and glanced at the puppet display, magic happened - literally.


The head of this stock 'Wizard' hand puppet fits the Gogic Five head almost perfectly. The puppet's hands and robe will have to be modified somewhat to fit the robot's dimensions, but not as much as you might expect.


We haven't checked the catalogs and websites here in Japan yet, but when we used to live in the US the major sewing pattern companies always offered hand puppet patterns and instructions. Starting with a pattern that can be scaled and modified should be much easier than doing everything from scratch.


We'll also have to give some thought to securing the head to the robot. It would be terribly embarrassing, if not frightening to young children, if the robots head suddenly came off right in the middle of a performance.


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