Work Hard, Play Hard – Especially With Robots

Because we try very hard to capture in video and digital photos what the robot events here are really like, we seldom get the opportunity to appear on camera. But, last Sunday evening at the Kondo Cup Robot Soccer competition the gang at Robo Spot suddenly turned the tables on us, handed us a remote control, quickly showed us the button/motion mapping, and then blew the whistle to start the soccer match.

Luckily it was just an exhibition match sandwiched in between the scheduled competitions. Nevertheless, our team took the whole thing very seriously, as you can see from the photos below.

Before we forget, the photos below were graciously shared by Azusa-san and Sugiura-san.

So, what was it like to play robot soccer with some of the humanoid robot experts and ROBO-ONE players that happened to be  there Sunday night?

In a word, "fantastic".

Not only did we have a tremendous amount of fun, we also managed to score a goal. Our strategy was very basic - attack and keep on attacking no matter what happened. It might have just been luck, or the roll of the dice, but it was real exciting, especially when our robot scored the first goal of the exhibition.




It appears as if Kondo has plans to stage the robot soccer event regularly - perhaps as often as once a month.




2 thoughts on “Work Hard, Play Hard – Especially With Robots

  1. Congrats, Lem! Must have been a lot of fun.

    (I can’t identify everyone in these photos, but I assume the gaijin is you!)

    – Joe

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