Takeshi Takes Up Disco Dancing (Video)

We can't tell if it's a direct response to Dr. GIY's dual dancing MANOI AT01 cats or not, but "DirtyRoboto" from the RoboSavvy online robot forums has put together a really creative music video (see below) starring his disco dancing Robonova-1 robot - Takeshi - that's definitely worth spending a few minutes to check out.

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5 thoughts on “Takeshi Takes Up Disco Dancing (Video)

  1. Very nicely done.Even sync’d in places.Lots of effort.cool !
    p.s what is the track and by whom ?

  2. Thanks guys. The sync was an accident as I was using a random routine selector. The upside is it made good video, the downside is that 4 moves were not seen in the video.
    I am currently working on a sequenced routine as opposed to the random routine, that I hope to have up by next Saturday.

    Thanks for all of the good feedback I have been getting.
    Drop me a line if you have any questions on dirtyroboto@btinternet.com


  3. Great work! I really like the way the colors reflected so well off the Robonova’s metal parts. Are the stock parts that reflective, or did you use custom parts, silver paint, or something else?

  4. I guess the reflections were down to my lighting. Please also note that a HUE filter was used to cycle the colours.

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