Roomba Robot Hack: Are You Being Served?

Roomba Red with wine
Originally uploaded by isobot.

Any old Roomba robot can vacuum your floors, but it takes a special talent, and quite a bit of class, for a robot to bring you some fine wine in style.

Isobot posted a very well done Roomba robot hack photo set on Flickr documenting how they removed the vacuuming portion in one of their Roombas, replaced it with a cargo bay, added a Bluetooth interface for command and control, and several other goodies.

Besides acting as their own personal wine steward, the TV camera they added onboard opens up a lot of possibilities as a mobile vision or security platform.


One thought on “Roomba Robot Hack: Are You Being Served?

  1. Hi. Total novice: just stumbled onto the site. Does anyone know how Isobot controls the Roomba using BlueTooth? Did he/she build an application to do it, or are these things readily available? This would make a Roomba infinitely more useful.

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