Robot Soccer Preparation (Video)

We were invited to participate in a special set of robot soccer matches Sunday morning and wanted to make sure that Mondai-Noid was at his best. Most of his moves were 'okay', but since many soccer matches end up with each of the players kicking at the goals we really wanted to have his kicks tuned up and looking good.

Takumi Sugiura of the Sugiura Brothers was kind enough to put together a set of custom soccer kicks for Mondai-Noid and emailed them to us. So Saturday night we put the finishing touches on our robot, ran him through his paces, and captured it on the video below.

In spite of all our preparations, and a great contribution by Takumi-san, we ended up having some mechanical problems during one of the matches on Sunday morning. We have to dig into it a bit further, but it looks like our failure to secure some connections well enough to withstand the rough and tumble environment on the playing field caused intermittent operation. It's one of those great learning experiences.

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