ROBO-ONE Robot Performance and Stability (Video)

We posted recently about stabilizing our MANOI AT01 robot by adding gyro sensors, and 'Human', a regular reader of Robots Dreams, asked "Do you think it would be possible for a bipedal robot to 'catch' itself if it started to fall?" He went on to clarify that he was thinking along the lines of the Boston Dynamics BigDog quadruped and it's ability to withstand major kicks and maintain it's balance through a few side steps.

Of course, we think it's possible, but just saying 'yes' wouldn't be a very satisfying or convincing response. So we searched through our archives and managed to come up with a video clip that clearly shows what is possible in the near future.

The video clip below was recorded last month at the recent ROBO-ONE Gran Prix event held at Tokyo Dome City.

Prior to the actual bouts several of the top competitors brought their robots out and gave short demonstrations to show the crowds what the sport is all about. This particular demonstration was put on by Sumi Family and features Arius, probably the fastest ROBO-ONE class robot today.

Watch how Arius reacts to being hit (beginning around the 0:55 mark). While it may not completely address Human's question, it's easy to see what the current technology is capable of achieving.

A little later in the demonstration, you'll also see how Arius can track and attack competitors - in this case a hapless, unsuspecting Robonova-1 (the Sumi Family are big Hitec fans).

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One thought on “ROBO-ONE Robot Performance and Stability (Video)

  1. I think that these robots are awesome.I been inspired to build my own. My only question is where do I find parts for humanoid types? I’ve seen so many different types of robot-ones and I cannot help but wonder.

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