Project G: A New Robot Joins The Family


It just arrived last night, so we really haven't had a chance to delve into its workings and design yet. However, we can say that the new Gogic Five robot kit from SK-Pang is incredibly cute, a little larger and more impressive than we thought from the earlier photos, and should prove to be a huge amount of fun.

Gogic Five was officially announced here in Japan a few weeks ago, but won't hit the store shelves until sometime in January. We were lucky enough to get access to one of the pre-sales units that's slightly different from the commercial product. Here's a few early photos of our Gogic Five we took this morning.



Any good naming suggestions would be very much appreciated!

We'll be posting more photos, analysis, and video as our evaluation progresses over the next week or two. Watch for our reports here on Robots Dreams.

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