New Robot Exercise Video Released (Video)

body by robo

Matt Bauer, the founder of Bauer Independents, creator of Rook's Pawn, and an all-around "good guy", has just released a brand new exercise video. But instead of watching Jane Fonda, or that 'Jake' guy with the funny accent, Matt put his favorite robot body building instructor in front of the camera and captured all the action.

According to the promotional material you're invited to "Join the RN-1 in this exciting workout! Under ten minutes a day and following this robot's routine, you too can have tighter abbs, stronger thighs, and a buff bod. So get your sweat-pants on and hit play now!"

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Disclaimer - this is a total parody, in case you haven't already figured that out. Though, who knows, you might actually manage to shed a few pounds and tone up trying to mimic Matt's robot. If you happen to be the proud owner of a Robonova-1, then contact Matt via the Bauer Independents website about the motion files he used to create all those great moves in the video clip.


One thought on “New Robot Exercise Video Released (Video)

  1. Its simply amazing .I have tried to follow all the great video workouts .Fonda,Crawford etc and this has changed my life .In just 6 hrs i have gone down two trouser sizes and i feel so much more alive.If i can do it so can you .Thankyou ROBO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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