New Book Covering The KHR Series Robots in Detail

Robot Force in Osaka, the organizers of some of our favorite robot competitions like Robo-Fight and Robo-Gong have just announced the publication of a new book titled "KHR-Perfect" that will hit store shelves at the end of January here in Japan.

According to their website, the new book includes significant contributions from Hideo Ishii who writes regularly for Robocon magazine, Iwaki-san - the head of Robot Force, and several other well known KHR series experts.

Topics covered in detail include maintenance, motion creation, creating body shells, and making design and structural modifications to the robots. All active Kondo robot models are covered including the KHR-1, KHR-HV, and KHR-2HV. The target sales price is 2,800 yen over the counter at a bookstore.

In another related post, they give a very brief overview of the 'Titus' robot configuration from the new book. Starting with a stock KHR-2HV, then adding a crane travel mechanism and some custom body shells, they end up with a surprisingly good 'Transformer' type robot that can power itself around on its wheels, or convert into a humanoid/Gundam style robot in just a few seconds.


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2 thoughts on “New Book Covering The KHR Series Robots in Detail

  1. Sounds great! Any word yet on whether they are planning an english version for release in the States? I haven’t sprung for a robo-one bot yet, but the book sounds like a great resource even for people just thinking about a bot and should be a good reference for any robo-one type bot builder.

  2. Jason – It should be good. Ishii-san, the main author, has a lot of experience and has published several build and hack reports on a wide range of robot kits here. Iwaki-san, the other main author, has built quite a few Kondo robots as well as designing some of his own.

    As for an English version, we’ll have to wait and see. It hasn’t even been released in Japanese yet.

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