Greased Lightning! A Souped Up Robot Looking For A Speeding Ticket (Video)

In yesterday's initial post in a series covering the Kyosho Athlete Humanoid Cup robot competition we promised to share videos and information on "... an autonomous bear, a lightning fast sprinter, a robotic duo auditioning for MTV, and a whole lot more." 

We always try to take our promises seriously, so today we'll start off with one of the fastest sprinting humanoid robots we've run across so far.

This speed demon robot was assembled and souped up starting with a stock MANOI AT01 kit by Shibata-san. With just a few modifications, and no custom changes to the AT01's frame or body, Shibata was able to coax performance out of the robot that was head and shoulders above what we had expected.

Shibata has several years under his belt as a ROBO-ONE competitor, works for Kondo during the day, frequently serves as a robot soccer referee, and has designed a series of surprising robots including Black Seed and more recently Black Blade. So he definitely knows how to hack and fine tune robots.

This time around, he decided to stick very closely to the stock Manoi AT01 configuration with no major design departures. The only significant changes he made were to upgrade the robots leg servos to KRS-4013's for increased torque plus some minor mods to the robots feet to improve its traction without sacrificing any motility.


The sprint course used for the competition is 5 meters long, start line to finish line. The robots are rigged with special transponders in their feet that allow the race timing to be captured precisely and automatically. Here's what a souped up MANOI AT01 robot is capable of achieving with just a little modification and tuning:

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