EMMA Just Gets Better and Better (Video)

Our recent visit with Nakano-san, the creator of EMMA-U0A - the small yet fully functional humanoid robot, drew a lot of attention from our readers. People are very interested in EMMA's design, how Nakano-san did the fabrication, availability of the GWS servos that EMMA uses, EMMA's gaits, and quite a few other details.

At this moment, we're not in a position answer all the questions that were submitted, primarily because of other pressing schedule commitments. But, we don't want to ignore our faithful readers, so to tide them over until we can put together a really comprehensive article covering EMMA, we've included some additional video clips below.


EMMA-U0A on the right with Nakano-san's earlier creation in blue on the left. As you can see from the image, the basic design is very similar. Nakano was relatively disappointed with the amount of play in the original robot's joints. His concern was specifically, and very effectively, addressed when EMMA was first designed.

This video clip shows EMMA's flexibility, and includes the complete bottle back-drop maneuver that we weren't able to capture in our earlier post.


Some readers commented on EMMA's stiff, or 'sticky' gait, almost as if it's feet were glued to the floor. It turns out that Nakano-san created soft rubber soles for EMMA's feet. They worked so well, much better than he ever expected, that to walk EMMA has to first tilt the robots foot.

Since our visit, Nakano has been working on improving the robots gaits and overall performance, and has made some significant strides. Here are a couple of examples:

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2 thoughts on “EMMA Just Gets Better and Better (Video)

  1. A *very* significant accomplishment! Kudos to Nakano-san.

  2. Great stuff as always, Lem. It is indeed a very neat bot.

    I put soles on my recent “4S-1″ robot made of foam rubber, but they didn’t turn out to have great traction on most surfaces — you can see the feet slipping in the video here: link to strout.net

    A real rubber (rather than foam) material would no doubt work better.

    Keep up the great work!

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