Dynamizer Featured In New RoboCon Book

Ohmsha, the publisher of ROBOCON magazine just released a new book titled "ROBOCON Parts Guide", and guess who is prominently featured on the cover? Dynamizer!

This is the 2007 edition of the popular guide and includes detailed sections covering everything you need to know about robot components, actuators (motors and servos), batteries, controllers, material selection, and much, much more. Not only did Dynamizer wind up on the book cover, he also has a two page spread inside the book - kind of like the Playboy Centerfold. Actually, that's not a bad idea. Perhaps we should start a Playbot of the month feature on Robots Dreams...

Sugiura-san, Dynamizer's creator and the father of the Sugiura Family, wrote the material selection portion of the guide, and goes to great length explaining all the various strengths, weaknesses, and trade-offs involved.


This type of book is commonly referred to in Japan as a 'Mook' - kind of a cross between a glossy magazine and a full fledged book format.


The book covers parts and material selection for many different types of robots. Of course Dynamizer represented the best in humanoid robot design.


Autographs aren't a common practice here in Japan, but we did ask Sugiura-san to personally autograph our copy of the book. He was very gracious about it, so now we have a special signed first-edition to add to our collection.


Retro, designed, built, and programmed by Sugiura Brothers, also appears in the new book.

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  1. Makes me wish I’d studied harder in Japanese class! (Hai — chotto nihongo-o benkyoshimashita ga, yoku hanasemasen.)

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