A Wonderful Day With A Wonderful Family


Yesterday was the final day in our week long vacation, and was capped off perfectly by a visit with Nao Maru and his family. We first met the Maru Family, famous for King Kizer - the current ROBO-ONE Champion, last March in Tokyo at the ROBO-ONE 9 humanoid robot competition. They greeted us yesterday morning (without their robots) at the Maibara bullet train station, then took us on a personally guided sight seeing tour of the Hikone area that included hiking up in the snow to Hikone Castle next to Lake Biwa (we even took off our shoes and climbed to the top floor of the castle), a beautiful snow covered Japanese garden, a great lunch, and then several hours at their home discussing - and playing with - robots.


2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Day With A Wonderful Family

  1. Hey, I thought that was the home of the King & Queen!

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