A Merry Robo Christmas (Video)

Christmas Robot Performance
There's a lot more to humanoid robotics than just robot boxing, so when our creative friends at SK-Pang in Himeji, Japan got the opportunity to design a robotic Christmas display for the local museum, they got to work on it immediately. They never miss a chance to put their artistic, musical, and technical talents to good use, especially when it will entertain, delight, and hopefully inspire lots of children and adults to try their hand at it as well.

Although some of the music for the exhibit is prerecorded, quite a few of the robots are actually playing scaled down musical instruments like the robot keyboardist to the far right in the video clip below.

Regular readers of Robots Dreams are already familiar with the musical talents of Mechabonham, another SK-Pang robot creation,  on both the keyboard and the guitar. We've heard a rumor that other robotic musical instruments are in the works. We wouldn't be surprised since the key SK-Pang staff is well known for creating original background music (BGM) and theme songs for major Japanese robot competitions and even some of the ROBO-ONE robot champions.

Christmas robot performance

Just orchestrating the whole performance so that they all stay in time and on the beat has to be a major challenge. The robots themselves are based on a wide range of platforms including the popular KHR-1 humanoid robot kit,  the 6 servo ROPPO kit, and several other designs. It's very likely that some of their new Gogic Five robots will join the SK-Pang talent line-up after the kits are released later this month.

Here's a short, cellphone video clip featuring the Christmas display:

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