UK TV Celebrity Fathers Robot Child

Two years ago, November 2004 to be precise, Jason Bradbury - one of the hosts of the popular UK Gadget Show program - made a trip to South Korea that changed his life forever. Like most adventuresome young men on the loose in Asia, Jason immediately fell deeply in love with one of the local inhabitants. It happens all the time. Only in Jason's case, the object of his affections was a cute little humanoid robot named Robonova-1.

Although the relationship wasn't consummated at the time (the Robonova-1 hadn't been released for sale yet) Jason never forgot the experience and kept longing to be reunited with his robot soul mate. Now, after all these years of separation, Jason reports on his personal blog that, "I'm a robot dad!". So, next Monday, November 20th, the world (at least those with access to the program in the UK), will get a chance to see Jason and the other Gadget Show hosts cavort and play with a whole range of robots, including Jason's new-born robot child. From the behind the scenes photos below, it looks like they had an absolute blast.

According to some of the participants, next Monday's program includes humanoid robots like the Robonova-1 and a brand new Robosapien RS Media, along with robots built using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system, and even one of the large pony robots (see the group photo below).

The competitions included events like a dance-off, a 80 meter track race, and K-1 style fighting. So far no ones been willing to let the cat out of the bag and disclose who the winners were, though we know who we're rooting for.

 Jason getting his new child ready to compete in the 80 meter event.

 Hmmm, I wonder who won this particular match....

 Everyone seems to be having a great time, even the robots.

Several of the robots on the program were from active members of the online Robosavvy Robot Forum, which has developed into one of the best locations on the internet for humanoid robot builders to hang out, share information and swap tips. 

 Even robots need to chow down on some pizza after a stressful athletic competition.

Photo credits: John Han - Hitec Multiplex

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One thought on “UK TV Celebrity Fathers Robot Child

  1. Does anybody know how we can access the Gadget Show in the U.S.? I’ve searched their web site to no avail. Is it available via the iTunes video store? Google Video? DVD?

    You’d think somebody as tech-savvy as these guys would figure out that folks overseas would pay them per episode to watch their shows via the internet… Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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