This Must Be Akihabara!

Last Saturday we had about an hour break between robot training classes to walk down the street and scout up some lunch. We hadn't gone more than a few steps from the Robo Spot training facility before we ran into a video crew and a bunch of costumed actors gathered for a taping session.

They were standing slightly off the main street away from the crowds. They had apparently just finished their lunch break and were getting ready to restart the action for the cameras. At first we didn't want to disturb their concentration, but once they noticed us, they immediately came over to shake hands and chat for a while. Sadly, they didn't have a 2XL-T size costume with them, so we had to forgo joining in the fun.

Anyone that's familiar at all with Japanese characters like these will immediately wonder where the 'blue' guy was. Frankly, we don't know. There certainly should have been a blue guy to round out the group.

The only thing we can guess is that he was either around the corner grabbing a quick smoke where he wouldn't be spotted by any kids or fans, or he was still inside the restaurant using the restroom. We'll probably never find out for sure.


Thankfully the weather was great - clear, almost cloudless skies and mild temperatures. Perfect conditions for them to show off all their action poses and gymnastics. 



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