Taking Your Robot For A Walk, Hand In Hand (Video)

The typical approach to controlling a humanoid robot like the Robonova-1, KHR-2HV, or MANOI AT01 is to utilize a remote control that either looks very much like those used in the R/C plane or car space, or a modified game controller. You stand back, usually a few feet away from the robot, and punch buttons on the remote to put it through it's paces. That's fine - after all it works and works well. Still, it's very 'arms length', not up close and personal.

But what if you could interact on a warmer, more personal level with your robot? What if you could bend over, take it's hand like you would with one of your children, and kind of lead it around by the hand? Wouldn't that be cool? We think it would be very, very cool, especially after seeing how 'Bullit" from the RoboSavvy forum managed to implement it with his Robonova-1.

We won't try to get into all the details behind Bullit's implementation other to say that it's a great example of compliance programming.

If you want to understand how it's done, then please check out the compliance programming thread (see links below) started by Bullit. It covers the implementation and provides the source code for the Robonova-1 as well.

Here's a short video by Bullit showing the robot's new capabilities including an awesome Tarzan type chest beating sequence near the end of the clip:

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3 thoughts on “Taking Your Robot For A Walk, Hand In Hand (Video)

  1. That’s a beautiful piece of work! I didn’t know the Hitec servos provided the sort of feedback you’d need to do that. Very neat.

  2. I had never thought of using compliance as a means of control.
    This opens up worlds of new ideas!!!

    In response to Joe’s comment…
    While a few of Hitec’s servos promised positional feedback, only the RN-1 servos currently do so.

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