Starting The Long Countdown – RoboGames 2007

robot robot

We're a little more than 180 calendar days away from next summer's RoboGames 2007 competitions in San Francisco. What seems like 'lots of time' will rapidly disappear before we realize it, leaving no time to prepare. And, all the best intentions and excuses can't do a thing to recapture any of that lost time and opportunity.

So, we decided to put ourselves under the gun. We knew that if we went ahead and officially registered to compete, and told everyone about it, it would give us tremendous motivation to get our act together. After all, we won't want to embarrass ourselves in front of all our faithful readers by not showing up in person for the biggest US robot event of the year.

So, last night our two ROBO-ONE robots, Gulliver and Mondai-Noid were entered into the RoboGames 2007 competitor database. This morning we received official confirmation that their entries for the ROBO-ONE Demonstration and Wrestling events have been accepted. Now it's all up to us. The pressure is on.  If you have a robot, or plan to build one, why not join us? It's never too early to sign-up. We plan to bring along a few special Robots Dreams items from Japan - maybe even a 'Editors Choice' special award or two for the ROBO-ONE events.


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