Robot Fun On The Cheap (Video)

Early this year, when we ran across an exhibit of the Kami Robo paper craft robots we were fascinated by the idea that anyone could have fun and enjoy robotics without having to spend a fortune, without a masters or Ph.d degree, and without a high powered computer or super computer.

All you really need is some time, a little passion, a few pencils, and a pad of paper. Of course, if the pad of paper happens to be 'dual core' like the one in the video clip below, then you can have twice as much robotic fun.

One word of caution: We used to practice this flip-book drawing technique quite a bit in our childhood, and it almost got us kicked out of junior high school in disgrace one afternoon.

We were busy drawing (day-dreaming about) rockets,  space suits, and a trip to the moon, when our English teacher suddenly grabbed the pad of paper from our desktop and sent us tumbling back to reality. It took some fast talking and lots of apologies to save us from a trip to the principals office and a lecture from our father later that night.


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