Robot Confusion

Brain exposed
Originally uploaded by fragglejill and mobstaj.

The photo of the Hubo robot from South Korea exhibited recently at the WIRED Nextfest event was posted on Flickr by 'fragglejill and mobstaj". To us, it highlights some of the current trends in technology development and speed of evolution, as well as a number of interesting cultural and historical mash-ups.

This was a US event, featuring a South Korean robot that in addition to locally developed technology also draws on technology from other parts of the globe including the US and Japan (the robots resemblence to ASIMO, for example), with a head that was based on a German scientist that immigrated to the US before World War II broke out in earnest.


One thought on “Robot Confusion

  1. I forgot where I read it, but the company that makes the prosthetic “android heads”, like the Einstein one shown in the picture, just got acquired for some serious money.

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