ROBO-ONE Gran Prix: The Great Majingaa

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The Great Majingaa just gets better and better with every competition. This photo was taken on Thursday at the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix competition at Tokyo Dome City.

Normally a robot based on a well known character wouldn't be allowed to compete in ROBO-ONE because of potential copyright/trademark violations, however there are several well known robot characters, like Majingaa, where the copyright owner has officially given permission.

By the way, the plastic bottle in the background is green tea that's sold in vending machines here just like cola is in the US. A full PET bottle like that makes an excellent practice partner for robots like Majingaa-


A common theme among the ROBO-ONE players at the competition was showing off the stability of their creations. All of the top designs use at least two gyros and often an accelerometer.

A year or so ago, most of the gyro implementations were pretty straight forward and just modified the pulse timing to a set of servos in the legs. But recently builders have come up with designs that provide better control by modifying the feedback under program control and using the input to affect the response of multiple servos at the same time.


Majingaa's control apparatus implements true master/slave motions with the robots upper body mimicking the motions of its operator/pilot while the lower body and some canned motions are managed via game controller pads in the pilot's hands.


This approach as proved so effective that some of the other builders have followed the Majingaa teams lead.


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2 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE Gran Prix: The Great Majingaa

  1. OH MY GOD!!! I had this Idea a long time ago! In fact, I built a whole concept around this idea for future robo fighting. It’s good though to see it working, and such a simple design too. It would be awesome if companies made a mainstream version to sell. Wow… I’m pretty happy that this site exists. So many bots…So little time.

  2. BTW: I’m not saying I was the ONLY one to come up with this idea, I’m saying that it’s great to see an idea I had in action.

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