ROBO-ONE Gran Prix: Retro and King Kizer Show Some Real Wrestling (Video)

We normally refer to the ROBO-ONE bouts in the ring as 'robot wrestling', though frankly speaking it's usually more like robot boxing, or pushing, or diving rather than close up, full contact grappling. But, every once in a while, right in the middle of a bout, something happens that gives you a glimpse of the future. For just an instant you see what these robots are really capable of, and what the ROBO-ONE bouts might look like a year or two down the road.

This past Thursday, at the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix competition in Tokyo, we got a clear view of true robot wrestling. About 46 seconds into the Retro-King Kizer match something happened that was so startling that everyone in the audience gasped. We actually forgot about our video camera for a moment - it was that surprising. Thankfully, we managed to catch it all on video to share with you.

The two robots are very distinctive. The red robot in the video is King Kizer, the current ROBO-ONE champion, while the silver colored robot is Retro, created by the Sugiura Brothers team.


Note: In spite of Retro's heroic efforts, King Kizer ended up winning this particular match. (Thanks to Joe for pointing out our oversight.)

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2 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE Gran Prix: Retro and King Kizer Show Some Real Wrestling (Video)

  1. That was a pretty neat move! You’re right, I haven’t seen too many counters in Robo-One competitions before, but that’s certainly what this was – or, what it amounted to anyway (hard to know how intentional it was). Great footage and editing, too.

    As perhaps a side issue, this match (between two very experienced and successful Robo-One builders) made me notice something: both robots have curved or angled legs, such that the knee is not in line with the feet and hips, but is actually positioned subtantially in front of them. Next time you talk to one of these guys, please ask them what the advantages are of that design.

    …So who one the match?

  2. Oops… that last question should have been “who WON the match?” (How embarassing…. I blame my cerebellum.)

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