Modeling Human Movement – Robot Dancing (Video)

The Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology (AIST) held an open house day at their Tsukuba facility earlier this month. One of the most impressive demonstrations featured the advanced HRP-2 robot going through its paces.

Some of the tasks the robot can perform may seem a little mundane - like opening the refrigerator and retrieving a beverage can, or identifying some trash on the floor and picking it up - but from a technology perspective they are really amazing. There was one task it performed that we think everyone can immediately understand and appreciate - dancing. Not just shuffling its feet around on the dance floor. We're talking about full body, full motion, Japanese traditional dancing (see video below).

Video courtesy of Yuki Nakagawa, President, RT Corporation. RT specializes in robot sales, support, and training offering classes and consulting for a wide range of robots including the RoboDesigner, Kyosho MANOI, Kondo KHR-series and others. They were just authorized as a technical center and school for the Hirobo helicopter products. 


One thought on “Modeling Human Movement – Robot Dancing (Video)

  1. OMG! This Robo dances much better then mine. It is good to see examples of dance as opposed to the many combat clips you get.
    It is also nice to see a human scale robot even though it was supported.

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