MANOI AT01 Robot: Human Blooper (Video)

We wanted to take a closer look at the gyro stabilization of the MANOI AT01 robot. Taking a clue from Harry's Bioloid experimentation, we decided to put our robot on a tilting platform that would allow us to simulate not only tilting but also a minor earthquake motion.

Our first attempt went extremely well. The robot's gyro setup worked perfectly, the robot stayed upright and withstood all the gentle shaking and tilting we subjected it to, and we captured everything on video. At least that's what we thought until we got a look at what the camera had actually recorded.

In our haste and focus on the 'robot', we totally overlooked the fact that the video camera was tilted slightly. A major case of 'pilot error.'

Actually what happened was we positioned the robot standing on the test apparatus, then setup the camera so that the robot appeared vertical. Our mistake was that the robot was actually tilted slightly.

So, after we swallowed our pride, and admitted our error, we redid the entire experiment. Once again the gyros and the robot performed extremely well. And this time we did manage to capture the whole thing.

Here's a short video clip showing both the 'before' and 'after' tests. The only thing that didn't show up on camera was the egg on our face.


2 thoughts on “MANOI AT01 Robot: Human Blooper (Video)

  1. Can you please advise as to which gyros you used with the Manoi ??

  2. Very nice, I’m impressed with the stability.

    Do you think it would be possible for a bipedal robot to ‘catch’ itself if it started to fall?

    What I mean is better described by looking at the video for the quadruped ‘BigDog':

    link to

    I think that would be the next big improvement for hobby humanoids. :-)

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