MANOI AT01 Appears In Two Famous Places At Once

MANOI AT01, the new humanoid robot from Kyosho, sure gets around. Even though he's not available for general sale outside of Japan yet, he's popping up in well-known newspapers, magazines, and websites all over the world. Yesterday, November 1st, he outdid himself by appearing in two famous publications at the same time.

First, he showed up on the website in an excellent article titled "I, Robot Builder" written by Tim Hornyak the author of "Loving the Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots." The article has just the right mix of facts and humor to give you a real taste of what he went through building the robot right out of the box. Tim is well qualified to report on the MANOI AT01 given his years of experience as a technology, culture, and history reporter based here in Japan since 1999.

Second, the MANOI AT01 graced the five pages in a feature article for the Winter 2006 issue of ROBOT Magazine that hit news stands and bookstores on the 1st. The article includes a lot of the background behind the robot's development, its ROBO-ONE legacy, and an interesting performance comparison chart. There are also some nice excerpts from the print article in a 'teaser' version on the ROBOT Magazine website.


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