Hacking Roomba – How To Hijack The World's Most Popular Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It looks like we have a very interesting Christmas coming up. Although they are relatively hard to come by here in Japan, Christmas morning is very likely to find a brand new iRobot Roomba under the tree. We've been drooling over the Roomba for a long, long time.

 And, to go along with it, there will also be a brand new book titled - Hacking Roomba: ExtremeTech that includes hacks documenting how to drive the Roomba, play with sensors, get it to sing, connect it to the net, turn it into a mobile Roomba-cam, and even how to put Linux on the Roomba.

Actually, on second thought, we better buy two Roomba's. One to keep our floors clean, and a second one to hack and have fun with...


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