Fishing Center Builds Dancing Robot Squid

The Hakodate civic association, local businesses, and the Hakodate National College of Technology have gotten together to build a giant dancing robot squid that stands over 2 meters tall.

The robot squid, which was unveiled to the press earlier this week, celebrates the regions reputation as a major Japanese fishing center with its ongoing efforts to expand and strengthen local technology and research. It is expected to serve as the major centerpiece for next year's Hakodate Harbor Festival celebrations.

According to news reports, the robots motions are created using air cylinders that actuate large motions like the movement of the squids legs, two of which are extended upward to serve as pseudo 'arms'.

 The current prototype was operated for the press this week.

There are also additional actuators to animate the robot in more detail including the ability to wink its eyes and move portions of its ears. In total, the robot squid will be capable of reproducing more than 500 motions and can be operated remotely using a wireless LAN. The project budget has been estimated at approximately $40,000.

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