Are We Seeing Double?

It's not often we get the opportunity to see multiple generations of the same ROBO-ONE robot, but today at the ROBO-ONE Gran Prix competition in Tokyo for a minute we thought we were seeing double.

The ROBO-ONE Gran Prix series events are staged every Fall in order to generate interest and awareness for the sport. In many ways they are like mini-ROBO-ONE competitions. The schedule starts off with a series of demonstrations by the competitors, followed by battles in the ring.

For today's event, the last in the series, Sugiura-san brought two generations of Dynamizer, and as a part of his demonstration had children from the audience come up and operate the remote controls. In the photos below you can see a lot of Dynamizer's evolution as a robot. At the very end of this post you'll find another image, taken this summer when we visited Sugiura's home and laboratory, that shows the very first Dynamizer and a friend.


  The current Dynamizer is on the left and the previous generation is to the right in this image.


  Dynamizer always likes to make dramatic gestures like shaking his arms in the air.


Although there is a lot of similarity between the two most recent generations, the earlier version above appears to have considerably less frame structure.


  Where it all began for Sugiura and his family.

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One comment

  1. This is a neat post — it’s great to see not only the current champions, but also a bit of their evolution.

    Those brackets look like they’re plastic. Can you tell us anything about how they’re made, and what specifically they’re made of?

    — Joe

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