What Does It Take To Win The ROBO-ONE Championship?

Maru-san, the creator of King Kizer - the current ROBO-ONE Champion, posted the robot's specs online. The red robot, famous for it's power and quick movements, is 430 mm tall, weighs 2.7 kg, and has 25 degrees of freedom. Communication between the operator and the robot is accomplished via Bluetooth. Of course everyone is already familiar with King Kizer's master/slave upper body control. The robot also has 2 gyro sensors, 1 accelerometer, and a distance sensor. Everything runs off a 11.1 volt, 2,100 mA lithium polymer battery pack.

The current configuration, named "Mark II", took four months to complete with enhancements that focused on improved mobility and offensive/attacking power. To save weight many of the brackets/frames were improved and the whole waist pitch axis was redesigned. Of course, having a great design is critical, but Maru-san's accumulated know-how and strategy, and his son's skill at controlling the robot under pressure, also played a major role in winning the Championship.


2 thoughts on “What Does It Take To Win The ROBO-ONE Championship?

  1. Thanks for pointing this out Lem, this exactly what we need to start thinking about ROBO-ONE on this side of the Pacific. Keep the information flowing!


  2. Great stuff, Lem! Can you get any information on what sort of servos he’s using? Also, those brackets — they look like painted aluminum — how were those made?

    Many thanks,
    – Joe

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