Test Pilot For The Next Generation

Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

Walking around the 2006 All Japan PlaModel RadiCon show about a week ago, we were surprised by all the great technology and know-how. The attention to detail in modelling just blew our socks off.

And the best part? A lot of the same modeling techniques can be applied to robotics, especially humanoid robotics.

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  1. HarryBotter

    One of my RC related activities is scouring the local thrift shops for dolls that show a little attitude, usually a 99 cent purchase. Then it’s off with their heads and into an RC model cockpit. I’m sure the same method can be employed to “head up” a humanoid.

  2. Check out the RoboJoe video – takes it to the next step. A few servos and a parallax controller and you have an “intelligent pilot”


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