Robot Musician Starts New Company

Our favorite robot rock star, Mechabonham (see video below), just started a new company named "SK-Pang" that will focus in five areas: development of original robots and peripheral equipment in cooperation with Himeji Soft Works, sales of robot kits and parts, and robot club management including staging robot athletic meets and competitions, robot performances and theater, and original music compositions for theme songs and background music.

Of course, since Mechabonham is a robot and doesn't hold official status as a 'human' - at least not yet - his creator, Keigo Masumoto will hold the primary management responsibility as the company's representative director.

The new company will benefit from Masumoto's extensive knowledge as a robot creator and active participant in Japanese robot events including Robo-Fight, Robo-Gong, Robo-Country IV, and ROBO-ONE. Other easily recognizable names from the Japan robot community include Toshihiko Maeda and Motohiro Nakamura who will serve as directors of the newly incorporated company.

Here's a brief video clip showing Mechabonham performing earlier this year. We're really looking forward to learning more about this new venture, and what Masumoto-san has planned for the future, when we visit the Osaka area next month.

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One thought on “Robot Musician Starts New Company

  1. Why couldn’t you take this technology and make an exoskeleton bodies for Quadriplegic and Paraplegics?

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