ROBO-ONE: The "Supers" #1 (Video)

Most sports that are carried on television end up with some really funny, and sometimes not so funny, "Bloopers" video clips. At first, we gave some serious thought to creating a similar "Robot Bloopers" video, and we still might do that at some point. But while we were thinking it occurred to us that a "Supers" video might be even more interesting.

Here's the "Supers" video concept: Most people outside of Japan only get to see small video out-takes from a few of the bouts. They never get to witness all the other surprising, and often funny, moments that lead up to the championship match. So, why not scan through some of the hours of video we have on file, select some of the best moments, and then put them together as a video sampler? The video below is our first attempt, and we would be very interested in your feedback and suggestions.

To put things in perspective, only the top 32 robots - as determined by their score during the Demonstration phase - are allowed to face off against each other on the final day of the competition. They are paired off and the winner of each bout moves up to the next level. As a result, barring mechanical problems, there are at least 32 bouts, each with numerous downs. Lots of action, that is usually not seen outside of the ROBO-ONE community in Japan.

The video below represents just a small fraction of the early matches that took place during ROBO-ONE 10 here in Japan last month. Let us know what you think. Is it interesting and worth the effort to put it together to post here on Robots Dreams?


6 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE: The "Supers" #1 (Video)

  1. Wow !! They are seriously good with movements to die for.I love the various special moves each has.Bravo…

  2. This is great material, and I’d very much like to see more. However, it’s not necessary to show EVERY take-down in slow-motion. Especially when one bot is basically just falling on the other, or something similarly uninteresting, watching it in slow-motion makes the video rather tedious. For a video this size, I’d suggest no more than 3 or so slow-motion replays of the very best (most interesting) action.

  3. Very cool video! It’s neat to see the different configurations and techniques that are being used. Personally, I like seeing the slow motion takes in addition to the full speed. It allows you to really see the motion sequence that the robot is using, and there was enough difference in these clips so that it wasn’t repetitive to me.

  4. Yes, very interesting and certainly worth the effort from my perspective. I personally favor the slow motion clips over the real-time video because you can see so much more of what is really going on. I found myself smiling through the whole show. More…please.


  5. Can’t wait for more! Singularity, here we come!

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