ROBO-ONE 10: Why Is This Robot Smiling?


Regular readers of Robots Dreams will recognize "Myanoi", Dr. GIY's MANOI AT01 robot. It turns out that a long and contorted, almost Rube Goldberg, trail of events involving Matt Bauer and Rook's Pawn with a gift they brought from the US, Tempusmaster who doesn't drink very much, Nakagawa-san (RT Corp), Ishikawa-san (famous for the Wonderful Robot Carnival among other things), Masayuki-san (BARN YARD), Myanoi, and Dr. GIY. The final result was quite a few happy smiles, good memories, and at least one top ROBO-ONE player 'Downed' for the night.

So, why is Myanoi smiling?


Matt and Rook's Pawn may not have made it into the final bouts, but indirectly they managed to put a few of the top players 'on the mat'.


One thought on “ROBO-ONE 10: Why Is This Robot Smiling?

  1. So…. What’s the story??? Who got drunk?

    Editor’s comment: David, at a Japanese party after an event like this, everybody gets drunk. I didn’t want to embarrass any of my friends by specifically singling them out, other than to mention it was one of the top and most well known ROBO-ONE champions.

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