ROBO-ONE 10 Featured On The ROBOT Magazine Website

ROBOT Magazine just posted a ROBO-ONE 10 photo gallery from the September competition here in Japan. The images include top robots like Metallic Fighter, RETRO, King Kizer, MYRO, Black Blade, Arius, plus many of the well known competitors. There's even a great shot of Nishimura-san and Matt Bauer (Rook's Pawn).

The magazine's managing editor, Tom Atwood, made special mention of Jin Sato since he was really impressed when the two of them met at the RoboNexus event last year. We're guessing, but the purple robot currently in the center of the ROBOT Magazine website banner looks very much like one of Sato-san's creations.

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  1. HarryBotter

    Thanks and kudos to both Lem and Tom!

    The ROBO-ONE canvas is slowly getting some detail for us North Americans thanks to the efforts of you gentlemen. I just can’t seem to get enough of this stuff, makes me want to drop all my other projects and start on one of these. I can envision the day when representatives from competing continents meet to declare a world champion.
    Please keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Lem. I am naoki maru(MARU Family).
    I hope everything is going well.
    Thank you for introducing kingkizer.

    GP begins soon.
    In addition, please come to look.

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