Project M: Mondai-Noid Robot Gets Moving (Video)

It's been a while since we posted anything reporting progress with Mondai-Noid, our MANOI AT01 robot. Between getting caught up in all the ROBO-ONE 10 excitement, and the pressures at work after we returned from Nagai, there just hasn't been any free time to spare. But, over the past two evenings we were able to give our little robotic buddy a lot more personal care and attention.

First, we went through a full calibration to make sure our Home position settings were correct. We always start from the lowest servos - the foot/sole servos, then proceed up the robot's body making any necessary adjustments as we go. It may sound a little boring, but taking the time to get your robot setup properly from the get-go pays huge dividends later.

Then, after confirming that the robots Home position was as close to perfect as we could make it, we started loading him up with motion sequences provided on the Kyosho MANOI website.

Some of the motion sequences were created by Kyosho, while others were created by Dr. GIY. Being able to install these sequences in our robot, and then to successfully execute them one by one gave us a tremendous amount of confidence.

After all the sequences were installed and tested, we decided to try our hand at more complex and involved sequences. The process turned out to be absolutely 'dead simple'. And, in the process, we learned quite a bit about the RCB-3 controller and it's supporting software that we'll go over in detail in a later post.

Here's a brief look at what transpired tonight.

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One thought on “Project M: Mondai-Noid Robot Gets Moving (Video)

  1. Cool Bot! Great, smooth moves and obviously has rhythm. When are you going to dress him up?

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