Murata Boy – Bicycling Robot

Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

There seems to be a tremendous interest in the Murata Manufacturing company's bicycling robot that was demonstrated during the CEATEC show here last week. Unfortunately there is also a great deal of misinformation floating around.

The robot, named "Murata Boy" was never intended for sale. A simplier version of the robot was first introduced quite a few years ago purely as a technology demonstration to show off the electronic components and sensors that are Murata's bread and butter.

Last year for the CEATEC 2005 a new Murata Boy was designed and demonstrated to the public. It proved to be popular enough that this year Murata dedicated the vast majority of their huge booth at the show to demonstrating the robot. Their booth at the CEATEC show was packed full to overflowing with people straining to get close enough to catch a glimpse.

We have some good videos of the robot in action and will try to post them within the next day or two.


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