Microsoft Robotics Studio/Simulation – Interview with Laurent Lessieux (Video) Update

During our interview with Laurent Lessieux exploring his robot simulation work with the Microsoft Robotics Studio platform, he mentioned experiencing some difficulty in converting files to the latest version. It was taking 'forever', and the resulting parts/orientation seemed very jumbled.

We're happy to report that the problem has been sorted out, and Laurent has successfully been able to simulate the Kondo KHR-1 robot in action. The video clip below shows one of his initial test runs having the robot go through it's preprogrammed push-up routine.

Laurent's current humanoid robot is a Kondo KHR-2HV, a second generation kit that uses the new RCB-3J controller and the Heart to Heart 3 software application.

Unfortunately he hasn't been able to locate a good CAD data model for the KHR-2HV yet (if you know where we could find one it would really make Laurent's day). Instead he is using the KHR-1 robot data that was contributed to the RoboSavvy online forum.

We really had to chuckle while watching the video clip of Laurent's work because at the end of the push-up routine, as it's trying to stand up straight, the robot falls over on its face. That's exactly what happened to our own real-life KHR-1 the first time we tried to get it to do push-ups!  

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