Mark Tilden on the Robosapien RSMedia (Video)

Robots, whether we're talking about real world physical bots or cyberspace virtual bots, can be extremely useful things. In addition to our rapidly expanding robot collection on the second floor, we also benefit from a number of active search bots that we've loosed on the internet to alert us to the latest robot news and happenings.

So, we weren't surprised when one of our search bots turned up a new Youtube video interview  featuring Mark Tilden (see below) posted by ShinyMedia. The interview, which is billed as a 'one-minute video review' runs almost 4 minutes and covers quite a bit of ground including Tilden showing off both the RoboReptile and the RSMedia robots.

In the video Tilden, as you might expect, is playing the classic Tilden role, complete with comments about how the original Robosapien broke new ground by it's ability to belch and fart.

The popular press has taken a few shots at Tilden recently criticizing him for overstating what can be accomplished by robotics, but we tend to disagree with them. He's always quite amusing, and if his example inspires some young people to follow a career in robotics, so much the better. After all, the first Robosapien still holds the robot sales record with around 4 million units having waddled off the store shelves already, not including the cheaper clone copies being sold.

He does make one rather puzzling comment about the RSMedia being a cellphone. We hadn't heard that before and have to wonder if it was a slip of the tongue referring to another WowWee RS product that might be on the drawing boards.


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