MANOI AT01 Robot Kit Available Outside Of Japan

The new MANOI AT01 Athlete Humanoid robot kit has been attracting considerable attention and press coverage worldwide, but up until now it was only available for sale in Japan. On Tuesday, October 24th, the RoboSavvy website broke the ice by officially announcing the first overseas sales availability for the MANOI AT01. Details, and links to online resources, have also been posted on the main RoboSavvy product page.

According to the website, initial sales will be limited to researchers and schools, apparently in an attempt to make sure that the product roll-out goes as smoothly as possible. Hopefully that particular restriction will be lifted soon. The RoboSavvy quoted pricing (660 British pounds) is roughly equivalent to the Japanese list price, which is very encouraging since kits like this usually sell at a premium overseas.

You can find more information on the MANOI AT01 here on Robots Dreams, on the ROBOT Magazine website, and a 5 page feature article in the Winter issue in bookstores starting November 1st.


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